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CET v2.0 has arrived -- discussion thread in main weather forum

Roger J Smith

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  • Location: Rossland BC Canada
  • Location: Rossland BC Canada

Just a heads up to historical weather buffs, if you didn't already know, the long-awaited upgrade to the CET data base arrived on Monday 9th May. A discussion thread has been opened up in the main weather discussion forum. 

There are numerous changes to daily data and monthly averages as a result, especially in the interval from 1974 to the present. There were no changes made 1772 to 1852 except that daily data now exist for previously missing Dec 1786. 

Changes begin to appear in 1853. Except for Dec 1860 where they changed the monthly mean by -0.3 C, these changes are relatively minor. 

The changes appear to become larger and more frequent from 1974 to the present. I have not completed my analysis and continue to post observations in the thread mentioned. 

I've noticed a number of interesting changes. For example, there is no missing 5.9 C in December any longer. In fact there are now three. 

The table of ranked monthly values apparently uses an unseen second decimal value. Instead of listing tied values chronologically, they are listed in order of that second decimal (I think). Some rounding changes have taken place which is why a few months back before daily changes were made have an adjusted monthly value. For example, June 1788 changed from 15.4 to 15.3, the daily data are unchanged but their mean was and still is 15.35. So it's a rounding decision. 

Check in with the thread in the main forum for more details and to post your own observations. 

As of now, I have not had any chance to make changes to the historical CET thread with various tables of records. I will do that over the coming month or two. 

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