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Week ahead: occasional thundery downpours, but also very warm and muggy for a time

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  • Location: Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Bright weather. Warm sunny thundery summers, short cold winters.
  • Location: Hampshire
    Posted (edited)
    14 minutes ago, Netweather forecasts said:

    Low pressure to the west and high pressure to the east will pull in warm, mussy but unstable southerly flow during first half of the week, with risk of thundery downpours. A little cooler and more settled later in the week.
    nw image

    Read the full update here

    I realise that's a typo but could it be a new word?

    "Mussy" - warm weather with a southerly feed, with lots of mid-level cloud, frequent rain, but little or no thunder. Origin: a combination of "muggy" and "messy".

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