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May 1902

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    May 1902 is the coldest May of the 20th century with a CET of just 8.9 It is the joint 5th coldest May in the CET listings.

    1st-10th January 1902: 7.5
    1st-10th May 1902: 6.8

    The first half of May 1902: 6.7 [-3.9]

    Some reports

    London Camden Square: Cold and unsettled with only 5 days being fine. Mean temp: 10.2C [-2.0C]
    Abinger Hall: First half very cold. A minimum of -5.6C recorded on the 13th
    Tenterden: The coldest May for many years. Potatoes, black currants and cherries badly injured by frost.
    Crowborough: Up to the 20th, very cold and unsettled. Snow fell at 1.45pm on 6th, in very large flakes.
    Hartley Witney: A peculiarly cold month with a persistent northerly wind until the 27th.
    Pitsford: Mean temp: 9.1C
    Colchester: Remarkably col till the 23rd. Snow in the neighbourhood in the 6th and 8th.
    Bury St Edmunds: Snow on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 14th.
    Norwich: Snow on the 6th, 12th and 13th. Mean temp for first 22 days: 6.9C  Monthly mean: 9C
    Ross-on-Wye: No maximum above 15.6C (60F) until the 23rd
    Riddell: Exceptionally cold with much snow and sleet
    Coupar Angus: Mean temp: 7.9C The first three weeks saw a frost on nearly every morning.
    Drumnadrochit: A neighbouring hill was covered with snow yuntil about the 20th.
    South Ronaldshay: Mean temp: 5.7C
    Dunmanway: Remarkable for very low temperatures.
    Dublin: Mean temp: 9.9C
    Omagh: There is no record (37 years) of such a May. There has not been one fine or pleasant day.


    From the Guardian

    3rd  Kbf2S9w.jpg PoTlWQ2.jpg      7th ltpDOnz.jpgfrGKgoq.jpg2d4pveT.jpg  8th X6MNOv0.jpg 10th  8S0EX42.jpg  15th 81sHJ04.jpg


    17th Ki0fk1i.jpg   24th  qkxsJQp.jpg  31st w6kMQzS.jpg

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