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Tour 3 - Day 7 (Western KS) - SLGT Risk


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  • Location: Macclesfield, Cheshire
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornado, Hurricane, Heatwave
  • Location: Macclesfield, Cheshire

    Day 7 saw us start in Enid, OK after a night of elevated storms rolling through and on South and East. Today featured a chance for a mix of multi-cell and supercell storm modes coming out of Eastern Colorado and into Western KS, before rolling off to the South and East.

    We headed out of Enid towards Woodward, and Braum's stop for their ice cream, before heading on up and stopping to gas up in Sublette, KS. Storms started firing West of us, so headed out towards Johnson City, KS, and then up on the Kansas side of the Colorado border, as storms got their act together and rolled across East all around us. Some good lightning, cloudscapes and hail shafts. Some of the storms became severe for a while, with the chance of landspout tornadoes, and we did witness a couple of spin ups.

    As we followed one storm North which became dominant, and had another storm merge with it, it became surface based, and as we pulled over, saw a funnel cloud North of us over the road ahead of us. Video below.

    Drove up and into the guts of the storm as it moved away but the funnel was brief and didn't touch down.

    Ended with a really close C-G, and then stopped for lightning pictures as a new storm blew up in Eastern Colorado and rolled towards us.

    Ended the day in McCook, NE watching storms over 100 miles away roll away from us.









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