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June 1916

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    A real mediocre month with low temperatures (CET: 11.8°C)  and poor sunshine levels. It was overall not a particularly wet June but some places did very badly. Aberdeen recorded 116mm, whilst the area around the Moray Firth recorded over 200mm


    8°C was recorded as maximum at Norwich on the 12th and at Harrogate on the 13th

    Figures from Camden Square, London

    Mean temp: 13.2°C

    Highest Max: 23.1°C on the 22nd

    Lowest Max: 12°C on the 12th

    Sunshine: 138.6hrs


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  • Location: Islington
  • Weather Preferences: Below zero and preferably a bunch of snow! Cool summers.
  • Location: Islington

    Seems like Junes ending in 16- ending years have not had the greatest chance of fine, dry or warm weather.

    June 1816 was part of the Year without a Summer - very cold and wet.

    June 1916, already been explained.

    June 2016, extremely dull and very wet in places. Where I lived in NW Kent I'm confident in saying it may be one of-if not the wettest June on record. The dullness was astounding.

    Unless we gain the ability to prolong life expectancy to 150-200+ years in my lifetime then I don't think I'll be able to report on June 2116 

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