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2023 Storm Chase availability - some tours already close to selling out


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  • Location: Aviemore
  • Location: Aviemore

    Just wanted to update on availability for the 2023 tours, as they're moving quite quickly at the moment. 

    • Tour 1 has good availability still (3 of 8 spaces taken)
    • Tour 2 has 1 space remaining (10 of 11 spaces taken)
    • Tour 3 has 2 spaces remaining  (6 of 8 spaces taken)
    • Tours 4 & 5 have good availability at the moment

    As of next year, we'll only be having a max of 3 guests per car, so the middle seat in the back won't be in use. Good for comfort (everyone gets a window seat) but not so much for availability of spaces. So please do move speedily if you want to reserve a spot. 

    You can check the latest space situation and grab your place over on the weatherholidays site. 

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    down to 2 spaces on tour 3
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