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Predicting storms


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I’ve just started to read barometric pressure to help predict the weather whilst I’m outdoors. I found a useful short guide which states that a 1.1-2.7 increase in pressure above 1015 mBar over a 3 hour period means poorer weather to come. I’ve just recorded a 2 mBar increase in 1.5 hours but the forecast looks good for the next three days. 

I’m sure I must be reading something wrong but any guidance would be appreciated. 



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Hi All,

I was camping in north wales over the weekend & my barometer read 964 mBar in the evening, which I'd read was a reading you’d usually get with a Cat 1 hurricane. 

Naturally, I ignored it & went to bed, but was woken up by really violent winds that ripped the tent out the ground & carried us about 3 meters along. 

I’m assuming it was the tail end of Hurricane Ian, but not actually a hurricane itself, so I’m wondering whether it would typically produce a hurricane reading if it’s the ‘hangover’ of a hurricane or should it just have produced a reading relating to gale force winds? 

Any enlightenment would be much appreciated




Apologies, I realised that I replied to a previous post. 

can’t master this forum or a barometer it would seem. 

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