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"Snowfalls usher in June": Start of June 1975

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    Gone down in meteorological folklore, the snowfall that stopped a cricket match in Derbyshire during June. 

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    The first 4 days of June 1975 had a real impact on that summer's CET. Summer 1975 had a CET of 16.9 but if you take out  first 4 days and the CET for the rest of the summer was 17.3

    Also it must be the warmest season in recorded history to have had snow fall during it in southern parts of the UK at low levels.

    A seasonal CET of 16.9 and yet it recorded at least one day of falling snow during it.


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  • Location: Dundee
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  • Location: Dundee
    Posted (edited)

    In early June 1975 I was working on a new section of the A9 in Highland Perthshire. I got up at around 6AM on the second to find feathery flakes gently floating down with lying snow above around 130 mtrs asl.
    There was major car rally with a forestry section near Dunkeld that day and the drivers plus tv crews were using our works canteen. I can recall one driver telling Dickie Davies that they had forgotten to bring their snow tyres with them😀   
    Just a few weeks later the bottom of my work boots were melting walking over stones by the river in the same place.

    That followed a very mild winter but very cold Spring. Very poor skiing until March and then great conditions lasting right through Spring. I recall the upper tows at Cairngorm having to be dug out for access in April and I also remember skiing the Coire Cas in the late May bank holiday though having to watch out for some holes in the snow through to the burn below.

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