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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Have been sooooo stressed this week. Really busy at work and trying to motivate men that act like children is becoming very trying and tiring! Have also received an email from our letting agents advising that the owner of the property is sending estate agents around to value the property. We went through this in October and now here we go again, but no-one will actually say "Yes he is thinking of selling" or is going to sell. The owner is abroad.

In December we had our annual gas safety check for the Landlords safety certificate and the engineer advised that the boiler was leaking but that it wasn't dangerous and he would let the letting agency know. He did say that if it didn't get sorted the owner would land up having to pay for a new boiler because eventually it would just do too much damage to be viable to repair and so would cost the owner more money if he did not get it resolved. I also asked him to look at 2 of the 3 radiators upstairs because they do not work and we are feed up with being cold and 1 in the lounge that does not work. We consequently have 2 radiators downstairs and 1 upstairs trying to heat a 3 bedroom north facing house with open staircase and our bedroom and little mans is getting damp!

The letting agents response, to say the least has been ineffectual, no recognition of the problem, no inspection, no nothing. . . . until today when I received a phone call from a company that I had never heard. They advised that they had been asked to contact me about the leaking boiler. The letting agents had not advised that this company would be contacting me but what's new, their comunication skills leave a lot to be desired.

The gentleman duly arrived at the time we agreed and declared that the boiler was completely unsafe and in fact dangerous and should never have been left on or left as it was <_< :unsure: :nonono: He disconnected our gas and said that he couldn't do anything else without the authority from the letting agents who needed to get permission from the owner. So we now have no heating and no hot water on the coldest weekend of the year and of course the letting agents finish at 1pm on a Friday and they didn't tell this company to contact me until 1pm and so I cannot get hold of the letting agents and we are yet again left in the dark as to what is happening or what should or will be happening and when we will get hot water and heat back. I am fed up to say the least! :doh:


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That is dreadful :nonono:

Get onto the Citizen's advice asap and maybe the council's emergency housing dept. I'm sure you could get something temporary to tide you over the cold spell.

Hope you sort it all out soon, it's not the time to have no heating

Good luck


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