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Updated January 2022

In addition to our standard Terms for using the website and community which cover the nuts and bolts such as spamming, abusive behaviour, copyright, etc., which you can see here. Please read these additional guidelines which you need to abide by when using the community.

Please bear in mind that the team reserve the right to remove or edit your posts and, restrict your account and ultimately block your access to the community should you break any of the terms linked to above, or step outside of the guidelines below. We're here to help you and others make the most of your time on here though, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The guiding principles of everyone's participation across the whole Netweather community are as follows:

Be kind -- Stay on topic -- Share your knowledge -- Be polite -- Be honest -- Be tolerant -- Be family-friendly

Everyone is welcome to express an opinion, ask a question or share a view so please respect that and treat everyone in the way you'd like to be treated.

Don't disrupt the discussions - Disruptive posts, including those that are trolling (posting to get a reaction or wind up), being overly defensive, disrespectful, offensive, inflammatory, or anti-social aren't acceptable and aren't what the community is about. The forum team will remove or edit such posts, and those making them may be subject to account restrictions or have their access to the community removed.

Contacting the forum team - If you have a question about moderation or anything else regarding the community, please contact a team member using the personal message system. Alternatively, there is the option to use the private team contact forum. Please don't use public posts to discuss the moderation of your or other members posts. 

Trolls & Troll Hunters - While communities such as Netweather are great places for people to get together and discuss the topics that interest them. Unfortunately, some people will use this as an opportunity to stir deliberately, create negative reactions and disrupt - aka Trolls. Trolling is obviously not acceptable in the community, but equally, troll-hunting isn't the way forward either. By this, we mean calling people out as trolls within the public discussion, as it further disrupts, and can be hurtful, and unfair to those who are wrongly accused. So please don't do this - if you have a concern that someone is deliberately disrupting the forums, please report their posts, their profile or contact a member of the team.

Weather Guilt-Tripping - Please don't suggest people are selfish for enjoying or even looking forward to a certain weather type. Everyone has different weather preferences, but since none of us can control the weather, no-one should be made to feel guilty or foolish for liking it.

Take a breath and think before posting - Please consider what you're posting before hitting the submit button, particularly if you're taking part in a heated discussion. Your posts are your responsibility, first and foremost.

Remember this is a public forum - people from all walks of life are welcome here so please be considerate of the discussions, the topics they're covering and the people who are taking part in them.

Swearing - Please don't swear, or attempt to get around the swear filter on the forums.

Advertising / Spamming - Posts specifically created to advertise other websites, products for sale, services or anything else are not permitted without prior permission. Please contact the team if you wish to advertise something, so they can talk you through the options. 

Illegal content - Please do not post anything illegal to the forums.

Use the team and report posts you think may break the guidelines - If you're finding some posts annoying, think someone could be out to cause trouble, think a post doesn't belong in a discussion as it's off topic or is in any way breaking these guidelines, please don't respond to it and use the report system. Once you report a post (or any other piece of content) the team will check it as soon as possible, and will take action as necessary. 

Additional accounts - You should only use a single account to access and post onto the community. Starting new accounts to create alter-ego's or to get around any restriction will result in any and all linked accounts being immediately blocked.

We hope this helps you get the most out of the Netweather community - we're here to help if you need us and are always keen to hear feedback or ideas so please feel free to contact any member of the team if you need a question answering or have any comments you'd like to make.

The Netweather privacy policy can be found by clicking here

The cookies used on the netweather forum are considered 'essential cookies'. No personally identifiable information is stored within any cookies on Netweather, and registration to the forum requires your consent to use cookies as they are part of the core functionality of the software. These functions include keeping you logged in, marking topics you have read and saving the preferences that you set within your account.

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