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Great Plum


Don't you just hate 'grannifaction'?

This was a term coined by my old Scoutmaster of how little adventure there is in today's society... instead of finding out things for yourself, the way is made clear and easy for you - without ever learnig anything.

He lives in the Lake District and bemoans the 'grannifying' of paths that makes it more and more easy to reach the top - the term is because a granny could climb the mountain with no trouble. Now, whilst this great for those with limited mobility etc, it becomes les fun for others.

Another example is that of Pooh Stick's Bridge in East Sussex. 10 years ago, there was only an overgorwn path to it, and no signs which heightened the sense of adventure... now it has all gone.

Otis Ferry, illustrates this point well in today's Torygraph in an article about Shropshire. Whilst I don't necessarially agree with his views on hunting, I found that that I agreed on what he had to say here:

"Most of Shropshire may be advertised as 'a place of outstanding natural beauty' but it is rapidly turning into an Early Learning Centre.

"Old sheep tracks have been converted into footpaths, all heavily signposted with laminated captions. The natural stone paths are as good as paved. You might as well have put streetlights down the side of them.

"All the mystery is being taken away."

Please, let us have a sense o adventure and mystery.


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