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Spoke Too Soon



Well I spoke too soon about Tilly and being ok after her jabs :nonono:

This afternoon she was really upset, not sleeping, eating and generally being out of character for a few hours :nonono: I ran the doctors to check if they wanted to see her and they said just bring her down straight away.

When we got to the docs, after 10 mins of screaming the place down, she started smiling :unsure:

Doc reckons she has had a mild reaction to the jabs that has just made her legs a bit sore after the jabs.

So lots of Calpol and a nice relaxing bath (for her not me) and she was a bit better. Whilst drying her off I had a wee peek in her mouth. It seems that apart from the molar coming out sideways in her mouth, she now has another 2 molars coming through :nonono: she's not even 4 months old :unsure: (she has no front teeth though)

Anyway, hopefully she will have a good night :angry:


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Fingers crossed Tilly will (and you!) have a settled night. Wow - teething at 4 months! Still, at least your getting it out the way early!

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hiya katie,

Awww for tilly and you.teething isnt to early really .im guessing you are using calpol.maybe you could alternate her on calpol and neuofen might settle her a bit more

i never went back to calpol after using the neuofen they have less of it bu it lasts longer.worth a try tho.

hope you got a good night last night.


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Thanks for the tip Lorraine.

Although the packet says you can use Neurofen, the doctors say not to use it until 6 months :doh:

She's better today (touch wood ;) )

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I can only use Nurofen for the little lords... they are allergic to paracetamol, and, before I realised this, they tended to vomit Calpol across a wide area.

Hope Tilly is much better now, Katie... :)

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