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I haven't done this for a couple of days, so thought I'd better get my backside in gear and get on with it....woke this morning to another covering of snow (went and scooped up large quantities of it for my indoor-azalea Archie, who very much hates our nasty tap water!) and had a little paddle about outdoors in my big warm coat, scarf and gloves! Of course, by now all snow has gone again, but it is almost getting to the point where, when I open the curtains in the morning, I expect snow!Anyway, have had a fun morning being map web monkey trying to find the maths for working out how you convert a lat/long to a mercator map reading!!! Great fun I can tell you! And I also now know where Ascension island and Christmas island are, which is bound to come in useful....anyway, the boss is getting hurumphy, so I'd better go (NB. Never work with your other half!!! :):):) )....talk soon :)


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