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Book Them



I have a number of met. books. Most are textbooks, but there are also some that I bought just to enjoy, like these :

213546313_db9ef38552_m.jpg. .218216627_daf1f55fec_o.jpg

I bought Spacious Skies second hand from Foyles in London. I really like the book - it contains dozens of great photos accompanied by brief explanations. I think it necessary for a weather enthusiast to own a couple of such books. At the time I bought this, the use of the internet wasn't widespread, so the best way to see a variety of weather phenomena was through books like these. Textbooks don't contain a lot of photos, & you can hardly be a meteorologist if you only know the phenomena through equations on a piece of paper.

I bought "Weather" from the old MPH bookshop in Stamford Rd. This bookstore used to be something of an institution in Singapore. It was near my old school, & I have many fond memories of dropping by once school was over to browse. Alas, it has since closed down.

Anyway, I looked at "Weather" quite a number of times before deciding to buy it. There are hundreds of weather books out there, & I'd already studied met. so I didn't really need another basic weather book. But I liked its layout & design a lot : lovely pictures, little side stories, weather quotes & proverbs, virtually every facet of the weather was given a brief section - from climate change to cloud identification to different weather phenomena and forecasting methods. I thought, if I had to produce a weather book it would be one like this, basically a celebration of all things meteorological. I didn't understand the choice of cover, though; how can a painting of weather phenomena ever surpass photos of the real thing?


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