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Time To Update- And Moving Home.



I can't believe it's September and i haven't entered a new entry. So here's quick update.

We're moving again. But in a good way, we're going home to Plymouth :nonono: I've somehow manged to get a serious promotion into management with Plymouth City Council. It's going to be hard to leave all my friends at Rotherham Council, but if somebody offers you a £7000 pay rise and no travelling what would you do?

So it's been a mad month, packing, looking for a new house and a job for Daz. :whistling: We have managed to sell this house with a nice profit, and we have bought a nice house in a reasonable area (Plymouth is much more expensive).

So it's my last week of travelling over the Woodhead Pass and using the M1, and spending £60 per week on fuel.

We move on Sunday, and on Tuesday we go to Crete on holiday for a week. Talk about timing!!!! i start work on the 2nd of October. Hopefully! :rolleyes: :unsure: :unsure: :nonono:


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Oh ! Plymouth my home town (Do I know you lol) :) Good luck with your move I know how stressful it can be I have moved 15 times in my lifetime lol .Good luck with your job also and I don't blame you for moving lol :)

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Glad to hear you are not having to do a horrid commute :nonono:

Hopefully we will be down your way soon, setting up home for a good while :)

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