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New Start

Tim B


Ok thought I'd give this place a bit of a tidy, I've saved all the old entries to my computer and nuked the old blog here.

I thought I'd start it from scratch again :lol:

Since I've suddenly got a lot more free time than I have had over the last 12 months, what with being fired this week after a year of service for no reason whatsoever and with no explanation (hello lawsuit!)

I bet its something to do with that new idiot assistant manager who came in recently as well, he's a knob who likes stirring up trouble and starting fights with everyone. He wants his head kicking in really, he's never been a manager of anything before either so I bet he's getting off on it.

Anyway never mind, can have some fun with the benefit office now and get free beer money :lol:

Which is another thing actually, spent more time down the pub these last few days than I have in the previous few weeks, so will have to keep an eye on that.

Lonely as hell in this house by myself though so can't help it really come evening, off work or not.

Oh yeah that reminds me, there's a new series of The Real Hustle starts tonight on BBC3 I believe (07/09/06 ffr) and that's a good show. Its a documentary type thing where common scams are exposed by anti-fraud experts on members of the public. (Who get their money back and agree for the footage to be shown obviously)

Its really clever how some of it is done.

See the website here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/tv/real_hustle.shtml

On another plus side our game UT2004 server is doing as well as ever and we have a nice little gaming community going there at the moment, something helped out a lot by our own special RPG Invasion mod that no one else has for their own servers.

We have a little website for it here:

Not much happens there though, the servers where all the action is!

Here's a couple of screenshots from the server that I've managed to grab through the madness!




Bin laden about to get flattened ^^




If you have UT2004 then check it out sometime, its called Monster Madness RPG Invasion.

Oh and on one final note, Stargate is back this Friday after being absent last week for some reason or another?

So there's something good for me on Saturday at least!

I'd love to waffle on all night but I'm getting hungry and Dr Who is on BBC 3 in about 10 minutes, so I'll catch yous later.

Take care!

-- Tim


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