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A very wet day!



Well I said it was bone dry yesterday and a bit breezy, today was the complete opposite. No wind, but extremely wet. 15mm of rain, all from what is now just a bog standard depression, but was once a tropical hurricane! At least it has cooled a bit. Well I say cool, its more average but nowhere near as muggy as yesterday. I say there is no wind but there is a blowing severe gale high in the atmosphere because the few clouds that are left are skidding really fast in the sky. I like those days where it’s wet and grey for two thirds of the day but then by evening the low sun shines on the wet ground and what was once a grey sheet is now just a few white bobbles floating past. The sun is poking through the clouds now and again and will set in just over half an hour, just before 7pm. The day lasted 12 hours and 13 minutes today; I remember when it was over 16 hours! The constant cycle of change always fascinates me!


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