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The First Day

Krasnoyarsk Yenesei


So this is what a blog is! I cannot honestly believe that I am writing a blog, but the fact that you are reading this is even more incredible. Surely you have something better to do! It has been a mild January. The grass is probably growing by now, a positively riveting event in comparison to the moronic droning to be found on these pages. Having said that, this will probably be the one and only entry, so there is not too much to wade through.

Today's date is the 22 January 2007. I have a trip to Russia planned for 17 February, and there is only one small snag. No invitation letters have arrived, therefore no visas, no plane flights booked. Actually nothing has happened at all, apart from the fact that I bought some warm clothing from a store outside the incredible BDTBL - Bramall Lane, Sheffield if you are uneducated!!

The Russia deal is quite a story really, because all my contacts there are South African. I used people in South Africa to get the contacts in Russia as I want to go and see the nation and experience a proper winter. It has been a great release during the depressing days of Atlantic gloom this winter, because whilst most on this site are craving a drop of snow in their quarters at some stage during this intense cold spell - it could even get beneath freezing tonight, wow!! - I don't care. In Samara the 5 day forecast has been predicting snow on at least 3 out of 5 days for the last month and a half.

When I used to write letters, people used to say I was extremely funny. However, this is not the case here. I have lost my touch. Still my 9mth old daughter has been the subject of some mirth today, after being told by the health inspector that she has assymetrical fat. I thought about telling the health inspector that she also had assymetrical fat, but I am not sure that she would have taken it as well as Kaitlyn did. She bounced up and down and proclaimed, "Ha...ha"

Must try and do some more Russian study this evening. I would perhaps be more inspired if the word for hello did not contain 11 letters. Please is not much better either. Still, I could always do the English thing and expect everybody to communicate in the international language. What an excuse for laziness. Anyway, that is enough for now. The contents of this blog have been sufficiently dire to ensure that you will never return here. However, thank you for visiting and have a Merry Christmas. Soon be here you know. Time goes so quickly these days.

Here is a nice sunset in the Namib desert.



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