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About me really.....




well here goes my first blog entry so if theres anything wrong with it or anyone has any suggestions on how to improve anything please tell me, thanks.

Well the main thing anyone needs to no about me is my name and as you might have already guessed im called Nikki. Im of the young age of 14 and have a great interest in a weather ( which is of corse why i decided to join the lovely netweather team).

Now what else do you put on a blog, right well whilst im thinking mabey i should write something more about me, hmmm i know , hobbies, well i love playing the piano and singing i also love horse riding and i actually have a horse called woody who i got on today for the first time so im really happy hehe.

Well with this being a weather forum mabey i should write something about the weather erm well i suppose for the past week or so i have been quite shocked by how high the temperatures have been , and having sensitive skin i dont normally want to be thinking about suncream at this time of the year, well i suppose this has got to have something to do with global warming; yes global warming well all i can say is it is happening, ( although we may not want to believe it is) and were's the proof, well since records started and especially in the last decade the world has been warming up. And how long have the records been there for well around a 150 years or so , quite a short time considering the earth was formed aproximatly 12 billion years ago. So why should we care why should we be bothered to do anything about it, surely it doesnt involve us well what im about to say is just my opinion you dont have to agree i just ask that you read it and consider what im saying and that is, even if you dont want to know about global warming or you just dont care , you cant deny its happening, it may not be entirely obvious but the signs are there and if we, thats to say everyone keep gong at the rate we are we are going to change our climate, soon enough we will be used to having soaring temperatures in spring which is why we have to do something now so i guess the point im really trying to get across is well as asda would say; every little helps so i guess even if its turning out the light when you walk out of the room or walking to places where possible instead of using a means of transport it really can make a difference even if you are the only person in the world doing it.

Well i suppose thats all ive got to say for now so happy posting and weather watching everyone!


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