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Thundery wintry showers


Excellent news- I have just been offered a PhD position at the University of East Anglia! The project is based on analysing precipitation variability across the UK and includes 6-9 months' working with the Met Office, in conjunction with the well-known Climate Research Unit at UEA.

I have to admit I was always against the idea of living in the south-eastern third of England, but then again I had always considered that Norwich might not be so bad, because of being in a relatively rural area, exposed to thundery wintry shower activity from the north and east, boasting a relatively high "sunshine and showers" frequency compared to the rest of the region, etc. Should get some pretty beefy thunderstorms there too.

I applied to quite a number of places this year, the UEA one was the first one I applied for and I initially thought that if I was accepted, it would be "a good banker" for while I was hunting for other opportunities. However, on the UEA open day, the PhD topic, the University and the local area all exceeded my expectations, and the other places I applied to were less convincing, particularly in terms of the topics offered. In the end the acceptance of the offer wasn't a difficult decision to make.

Note: this blog entry was originally posted on 3 May, and edited at 11:26am on 5 May to make it more to the point.

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