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Heads up part 2



Now you have reached the final two with a decent sized stack, you and your opponent are equal. What to do?!

Well again you need some luck on your side, you need the cards to go your way more often than not, but you can still win even if they don't.

You have to take a risk, you have to gamble. Rarely do I call when I'm heads up. If I have a trash hand? Fold it. If I have a decent hand? Raise. If I have an awesome hand? All-in!

Being aggressive all the time enables you to seize some control of the game. Your opponent will fold unless his hand is good, or he if he is happy with 2nd (it sometimes happens like that!) That said, if he calls you, or re-raise you, thats when you need the cards to go your way!

So when it's your turn to go first, raise with any decent hand, cos chances are, it'll be better than your opponents. When your opponent goes first, you have to remian aggressive. He might fold, in which case woohoo! If he calls, rasie him all-in (with a decent hand) If he raises then you can call with a decent hand, or re-rasie him all-in with a good hand. You have to force the difficult decisions on your opponent, not yourself!!!

You have to also realise that you will not always win at heads-up, sometimes the cards will hate you, sometimes the good hands will betray you, but as long as you stay aggressive and are willing to take a gamble, then you should win more often than not!

Part 3 tomorrow


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