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A door closes



Last night during a fab party at our pub, both Darren and myself made a big decision. We decided to close the pub down. It was a wedding present from our partnership in the summer.

We have broken even- but the rent and cost of stock have hit hard. The smoking ban has hit harder. Since 1st July the 3 pubs in the area around us have closed, as they didn't have the courtyard like us. But with 2 weeks to Christmas,even the amount of customers have dropped below the "normal" level. Hence at 11pm talking to my oldest mate Rachel of 14 years I looked at her and said "don't lie to me, it isn't working is it?". She responded with a kiss and hug and said "No". Yes we could have borrowed to survive, but it that worth it? Debt and stress when it's quiet in January and February?

So with pride hurt we walk away. As I played on the juke box last night the Walker Brothers song- No Regrets.

Theres no regrets

No tears goodbye

I don't want you back

We'd only cry.

:nonono: But as a door closes a new one will open- of that I'm certain.


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I didn't know you had a pub and it is a very hard decision to make but dare I say a wise one. Too many people flog the dead horse and I admire you for your choice.

I would love to run my own business and know the leap of faith that you must have taken but also admire your guts, there will be another door opening in the future and that time it will work :good:

Good luck and comiserations for your current situation


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Indeed a a wise and brave decision. In my line of work (accountant) I see to many people borrow and borrow to try and keep a dream alive and end up very much worse off.

Hope you find something suitable soon.


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