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Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. I had to leave work early yesterday with a splitting headache and feeling dizzy (nothing new there)I got hardly any sleep and am really tired today. I decided to take the day off and catch up on a bit of sleep.I've been sorting out little fellas toys and old clothes in the last few days pending a car boot sale in the next few weeks to declutter the house. It's scary to see how much stuff we have accumulated, I have not bought a lot of toys but still they appear :blink: Hubbie took one look at all the clothes and said "how much money" :angry: A few of the clothes will hopefully sell but the majority are either going to the charity shop or to a friend with a two year old boy. Took little fella to see the Nursery he will be going to in September. After an initial 5 mins of shyness, he was into everything and I had to bribe him to leave. It's nice to know that he is happy but seems scary to think "big school" after all he's still only 3. Having said that, it's more structured play than learning and it's a very small school.


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Hope you feel heaps better soon :)

Take it easy and put your feet up !!

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Oh thanks guys :)

Feeling heaps better having caught up on some sleep.

Having said that I managed to have a mega panic that I had lost my new tax disc. I ended up on the phone to hubbie in tears :(

I was annoyed that I had lost it but more annoyed that I would have to go to Thornaby in Stockton on Tees to get a replacement. I would be lucky to have any wheels left if I went up there

Eventually I found it in my jacket pocket :rolleyes:

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Hope you get better soon :D I thought I may aswell use the knowleadge I have gained revising psychology for A-level to say Daycare or nursery is a good idea for a childs social and cognitive development :p

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