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Position Explained



I think its important to establish my overall position in context of weather favourites and what I like.

It's almost impossible to like mild weather and not be called a "wind-up merchant" unfortunately I feel this applies to me so this blog entry is just reassuring the people of Net-weather that I am no wind-up merchant!

My taste in weather is a little contradictory in that I'm a fan of mild, but I'm also a big fan of snow, but I don't appreciate cold. This is due to my inability to take cold conditions without being affected in a negative way, for example extreme sensitivity seems to attack my pain receptors more than most. By as low at 3C my hand feels numb, it is something I have seen the doctor about, and apparently it is the existence of very sensitive nerve endings in my skin. So therefore I appreciate milder weather as it is better for my health.

I love snow though and anyone who remembers me from snow watch knows that, I would give anything to see an awesome snowfall, as snow can bring happiness to anyones day! Its becoming all too rare in this day and age which is a big shame but perhaps like in 2005 and 2006 more snow may still occur in the future.

So there you have it, I'm a fan of mild largely because its friendly to me, but also because I grow subtropical plant species but conversely I'm also a snow fan who loves seeing the site of the white stuff on a cold winters day. What I dont like is dry and cold!

Theres an explanation for those who dont quite understand my position (as some have queried in the past)


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