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Giving up Day 1.



Well this is it!!!

After two weeks of preparation, it the day I stop smoking.

Had enough of smoking now, don't like it anymore and don't want to do it anymore.

My first target it to get to lunch time! Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Keep your fingers crossed. Wish me luck, give me encouragement pleeeease.

Well tis now 2.30 ish, and still doing well, surprisingly, had a moment earlier where I really wanted on, but a friend phoned and took my mind of it :D So very grateful to them, hmmm wonder if they would be willing to call me at 3am when I am still wide awake and wanting a smoke :lol:


Struggling a tad, but knew this part of the day would be hard. I can do it, I can do it , I can bloody well do it!!!!!

midnight ish :wallbash::wallbash:


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It took me 4 or 5 attempts to give up but with the help of my GP who prescribed Patches, inhalers, gum and anything else that would help, I gave up 6 years ago. I worked out, grossing it up before tax, I'd given myself a huge pay rise and the money I saved now pays for holidays and other luxuries like a new Nikon D80 (and a new Dyson for Mrs Kar!! :unsure: )

Stick at it... It'll be hard work to start with but worth it for both your health and wealth.

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Thank you Kar :) I am bloody determined this time, did manage to give up about 5 years ago for a good 6 months then stupidly went back to the old demon, tried many times since then, but I feel good about it this time, mainly because I actually want to give up, I don't like smoking anymore!!

Thanks to you to AH :) I do hope you mean with the giving up smoking and not any other sort of support like some have suggested in the past :lol:

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Just be careful of, some days (maybe even months) into the smoking-free period, being tempted by a fag and thinking "just one fag should be OK..." Some people can get away with that, but not usually if they were previously addicted.

Best of luck with it all!

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Yes been stung by that ourselves, that is what happened last time we gave up, Joe went fishing and some one offered him one, and he though just one won't hurt and that was it back to smoking :doh:

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You could try adversion therapy. I don't like Polos much, so when ever I wanted one I had a Polo. Soon my brain thought "oh no, not another Polo" :lol:

Another one is to do 5 sit ups or press ups each time. Your brain gets the message and you get toned up ;)

Good luck hun, you can do it cos you WANT to give up

Go Louby, go Louby, go Louby :clap:

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:D Thanks Katie !!

Joe is doing well too he is usually pants at giving up doesnt normally try very hard, but doing well today!!

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