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Day 5 Damn grrrrr



Well I had a bit of a hic cup today, woke up thinking of ciggies, think I must have been dreaming about them, and just couldn't shake the feeling I really needed one, and I bloody gave in :wallbash: Wish I hadn't though, it was horrid, made me feel sick... not doing that again thats for sure!!


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Aww Louby, sorry to hear about the hiccup :(

Keep going hun, you know now how awful it is to have one so hopefully you won't go there again :)

You can do it


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You didnt give in Louby. Ok. I'll tell you something I havent even told MrsL.

About early-mid jan, I smoked a pack of 10 in 2 days. I wish I hadnt, and felt ever so guilty. Like yourself, it made me sick. But again, over another month, and not one ciggie, and not really any cravings.

Just look at it as a blip, and that you still gave up 5 days a go. Dont tell the docs though...only because they're evil :diablo:

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Hey Louby,

Don't beat yourself up over it: like Chris says, it's just a blip, and has at least confirmed that having a ciggie is no longer a nice thing.

I used to be a 20+ a day girl and after many, many times trying to give up, I finally did 2 years ago, and have now got to the amazing position where I can really truly have the occasional social smoke (one ciggie every couple of months or so) without wanting to start again.....

What you're going through is a physical addiction: even one day of not doing it is a great start, and to have got to 5 before temporarily cracking is just brilliant.

Hang on in there, it really does get better.... :)

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