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It's Spring so you've gotta move on... right?!

Thundery wintry showers


So, onto another of my pet rants, the idea that we should be of a two-season persuasion, one being "winter mode" where we're interested only in cold and snow, and another being "summer mode" where we're only interested in heat, sunshine and thunderstorms. So once a certain time arrives in spring, you're supposed to "move on" from "winter mode" to "summer mode", and if you show any desire for cold/snow, you are clinging onto the past instead of moving on.

I've never agreed with the idea that moving on is about cutting old things out of one's life (for instance, the old family values saying that you need to periodically cut out old friends to make way for new ones). But this is something else, because spring is a time of year when traditionally, it can still snow, indeed in many regions snow is no less likely on Easter Day than it is on Christmas Day. So, basically, the argument runs that we should be cutting out all desire for something that still exists in the present, in order to "move on" to circumstances that don't apply for another two-three months. What part of 'living in the present' does this come under?

Let's be fair here, people are entitled to not want cold weather or snow in spring, or indeed any time of the year. But I can't stand views like this:

1. I don't want cold weather in spring.

2. Therefore, all spring cold must bring miserable weather.

3. Therefore I hope that any spring cold snap brings miserable weather, to show the stupid snow lovers who are clinging onto the past instead of moving on, that I am right, and cold weather in spring is useless. I don't care that it would ruin my ability to go outside more than sunshine and scattered wintry showers would, the most important thing is for me to be right and people who cling onto winter to realise that I'm right, and move on.

Rant over.


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