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The Homepage



It's been planned for a little while and today at last I started putting together the new look homepage for Netweather. We have a number of new and revamped items planned for the homepage, including a new alerts system, and a number of other things we'll talk more about in due course.

Question is though, what would you like to see on there and what items do you like and dislike about the current homepage? Please let me know - your ideas will certainly be taken on board.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts...!


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I reckon when you TV is up you should have it somewhere on there...As i think your get alot of people bookmarking it...
When I first saw discovered Net weather home page I nearly carried on...And thought it was just another weather site.....
The radar caught my eye so I booked marked it.......It wasn't until about 2 weeks later I saw the forum....
Tv,Radar I reckon are some of the best pullers....
So for me Tv,Radar and Forum more noticeable..
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How about a mobile version for on the move? The Weather Channel Mobile page is excellent but I prefer Netwather. Your home page on a mobile phone (Windows Mobile) is a nightmare to use.
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Thanks D43 and GB. We'll definitely have areas on the homepage for the forum, radar and tv service, we're also looking at options for mobile versions of pages etc at the moment as well :)


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