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In-laws are in town



So we are 5 dys into the in-laws visit and all is OK, nothing too serious. Just missing my space and control, but hey ho.

Went touring at the weekend, managed to see 3 bears, almost run one over on the highway but I swerved and it ran back into the woods

Went out on Moraine lake, lovely hot day (its been above 30oC for almost a week now) and suddenly a huge thunderstorm develops, we make it to shore. Lightning, thunder, hailstones. Crazy

Then we went for a dip in the lake and the potential dad in law comes out with a bloody great big leech on his leg, he knocks it off and the blood starts pouring lol. Should have seen his face

At work now taking a breather. All good fun, only 12 days to go


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