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Write The 'official' Alternative Winter Forecast



Tonight see's the launch of a new competition on netweather, with the winner having the opportunity to have their winter outlook published onto Netweather as the 'official' alternative winter forecast. (the winner will also receive a 1 year subscription to Netweather Extra).

To enter you don't have to be a forecasting expert or have loads of technical knowledge, you just need to have an idea as to how you will create your forecast and the methodology behind it. Put simply, your forecast could be based on anything from nature to pattern matching, to lunar cycles, to the QBO and NAO - in other words anything that you think is relevant no matter how technical or non technical it is.

At this stage you don't need to produce your forecast, you just need to outline your method and give any other information you think is relevant, the closing date for this part of the competition is the 29th October (at 23.59). Once all of the entries are in, our forecasting team will create a short list of entrants, those on the shortlist will then go forward to a public vote on the forum which will start on November 1st.

The winner of the public vote will then be invited to provide their forecast by the end of November, once written it will be displayed on the Netweather site throughout the winter with full credits to the author.

The competition is open to everyone (except the forecast team here on Netweather), you don't have to be a member of the forum to take part, just click the link below to visit the entrance form:


If you would like any more information, please feel free to comment into the blog or see the competition discussion in the Autumn forum.

Good luck!

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