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More General Barblings

Thundery wintry showers


PhD still going okay, and still enjoying the work for the most part. The fine spell of weather looks like being downgraded, here's hoping that the NE'ly brings my favourite convective "sunshine and showers" stuff and not the usual low cloud.

I continue to strongly dislike the way the UK is going regarding personal liberty:
As an individual measure it might not seem too bad, but the logical end result of incremental steps like these is a society where you cannot go within a few metres of a child unless you can prove that the child is "family" (i.e. related to within a few generations). Meanwhile of course child molestation will continue to occur on an infrequent basis within families, a consequence of families being exempt from these measures.

I just hope the UK doesn't follow the USA's lead and become similarly hysterical over harassment and sex abuse in general, rather than just against children.

On a lighter note, I'm liking the look of the upcoming football season. Man Utd haven't got as strong a squad as in the past, and are missing Cristiano Ronaldo rather more than they would like. Chelsea have a formidable team but their current manager is unproven and they are facing a transfer ban- which might not affect them too much, it depends on how many injuries they get. Arsenal are looking quite good. I felt quite gutted at their loss to Man Utd, as they were IMHO the better side for most of the game, but they are showing encouraging signs of being close to their best. Arsenal were, in my view, probably denied a stonewall penalty early in the game because of the memories of Eduardo's blatant dive. I don't think Liverpool will be challenging for top spot this year though.

And as for England- I always had high hopes that Capello might be able to mould the team into a cohesive unit that plays well. It is looking strongly as if my hopes were not misplaced. I don't expect England to win the Cup but a quarter or semi final spot would still be a success after the depths of the Steve McLaren era.


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