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Back At Work....



Well today I finally managed to get back to the office (have been keeping out of London for a bit as I can't walk too far and didn't want to get stuck in a hoax scare!)....It was very strange coming in this morning...took my usual train, then the number 30 (everyone being very friendly and nice: a lot of people even thanked the driver when they got off) past King's Cross and the huge pile of flowers, flags and messages and then walked the last little bit to work off Euston Road and down Tavistock Place....The bus has gone, the road is open and the traffic is moving again, but I have to admit it did feel a little odd to be walking along the street which we have all seen so many times on our TVs over the last couple of weeks......Arrived at work fine and all is as I left it (don't know why I thought things might have changed).....London is back at work and functioning again which is wonderful, and maybe it's just me, but there does seem to be added air of cameradery and friendliness about the city at the moment. Long may it continue! :)


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too right as well Roo - long may it continue.... Although it must be hard for you to have to take the route some of those poor innocent people took on the 7/7. At least with me, although I travel into London mon-fri, I wasn't directly effected by 7/7, as in being caught in any blasts - just being terrified for a few hours wondering if planes were going to crash into the high-rise offices etc. Thankfully, like you have observed, things are getting back to normal :)

It will take me a long time to take a tube or bus in central London though - so good on you for doing so! :)

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Looks like we spoke too soon, eh?

Here we go again.... :(

I know - who would have thought less than 24 hours after I posted my reply, London would have been rocked by more attacks? Thank goodness things wasn't as bad as they could have been today.

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