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Potential Snow: 15Th - 19Th February



[/u][/size][/font][/center][left][center][font="Georgia"][u][size=3]Monday[/size][/u][/font][/left][/center][/left][/center][/left][/left][/left][/left][center][left][color="#1C2837"][left][left][center][left][font="Georgia"][color="#000000"][size=3]Monday looks like being rather dreary overall. There will be bits and pieces of rain around, which may well be sleety at times. This will make it feel particularly cold. Towards midnight some more substantial precipitation will move in from the Northwest, falling as rain or sleet at low levels with sleet or wet snow on high ground.[/size][/color][/font][/left][/center][/left][/left][/color][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size=3]
[/size][/font][/left][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][size="3"][left][center][left][font="Georgia"][u]Tuesday[/u][/font][/left][/center][/left][center][left][font="Georgia"]The band of rain will have cleared overnight, but it will still be dull and cold. There is the possibility of some sleet or wet snow from little troughs moving around as pressure will be low, but these features are impossible to forecast at this range.[/font][/left][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][/size][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][u]Wednesday[/u][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]Wednesday may be slightly drier than Tuesday, but there could still be some wintry flurries around. Overall though it will be cold, dull and damp, though the dampness will be in the form of scattered wintry flurries. It is worth noting that there is a small risk of heavier snow moving down from Eastern Scotland, but this is an outside chance at the moment.[/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][u]Thursday[/u][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]At this stage, Thursday looks like being the driest day of the week. Overall it will be cloudy and cold, but there could be one or two brighter spells. There could also be a wintry flurry or two again. The greatest risk of a flurry will be in the morning. Towards midnight some heavier precipitation could gather towards the south of the region.[/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][u]Friday[/u][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]Confidence is pretty low for Friday, but it currently looks like many parts of the region could be at risk from substantial snowfall. The high ground in particular could see some very heavy snowfall, but near the coast it could be sleety. Towards the evening everywhere could be at risk of snowfall.[/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]Confidence is quite low for this forecast as the upcoming situation is very unpredictable, but it could well be an interesting week to say the least.[/size][/font][/left][/center]


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