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It's About Time......



I wrote something in here, it's been a while!

I've been kind of busy over the past few months. As some of you may know, the Government in its cost cutting frenzy has decided that we can do without half our Coastguard stations around the coast and Shetland Coastguard was one of those slated for closure.

Since those proposals were made public on 16th December I have been heavily involved in the campaign to keep a fully-functioning Coastguard station here in the isles, watching over some 36,500 square miles of some of the roughest seas around the UK coastline. I and a number of my colleagues have pretty much lived, breathed and eat the Save Shetland Coastguard campaign for some 5-odd months now and to be honest I am pretty exhausted. That said, much of the hard work is now done with the consultation process due to end on 5 May and I am convinced that we have now moved the Government to a point where what was originally proposed is not what will happen (the Shipping Minister has repeatedly said this himself recently). That said the job is not yet done as no firm decisions have yet been made and are not likely to be until the Transport Select Committee finish their investigations. Hopefully yours truly will have the opportunity to represent this station before the Committe on 19th May when they convene in Stornoway for an evidence gathering session. I can only hope that common sense will prevail and that we come out of this with something rather more sensible than what has been proposed so far.

On the weather front I've been busy renewing my website to coincide with the fact that I now have a new weather station (a Davis Vantage Vue). I run it using the Cumulus software from Sandaysoft in Orkney, which is rather good. I've been able to design the site around the webtags provided by the software and so far it all seems to be working well. I've one or two pages still to do but the ones that are up are functioning as they should. The new site is here:

[url="http://gulberwickweather.co.k/weather/index.html"][url="http://gulberwickweather.co.uk/weather/index.html"]GW website[/url]

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