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Winter And Summer In The Same Week



As Fall approaches so do the thoughts of yellow and red leaves, pumpkins and Thanksgiving. Along with the festivites in October is usually the appearance of the first snows of the year, children running out open eyed forgetting they had 6 months of it last year.

This year is a little different. An abysmal start to the Spring/Summer season with snow up until early June but all that changed with the arrival of July. Since July 7th temps have averaged over 25oC with only a handful of days falling below the magical 20oC

So as we focus on the colder weather it wasn't too much of a surprise to wake up earlier this week with some wet snow falling and the first fresh covering of snow on the mountains. Although a few grumbles escaped my mouth I knew it was coming and couldn;t really complain after the amazing summer we have had.

What is suprising now though is that all thoughts of winter are truly put to the background as the winds shift and the clouds depart, warmth is creeping into the days and continuing to do so. Forecasts are for as high as 26oC by the weekend, with endless blue skies for the next week or so.

So images of pumpkins, turkeys and sledges will temporarily be replaced by bbq's and late summer hikes just for a while longer. In a place where 6 months of winter is not unusual, I am sure the whole town will be out making the most of this unseasonally warm and sunny weather


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