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Netweather Blog Alps Ski And Weather Forecast 16th March



It goes without saying how tragic the coach crash in Switzerland was this past week, and my thoughts are with those families effected.


The weather across the Alps has been mild over recent weeks with glorious skiing conditions however there has been a rapid thaw in some places, with over 30cm of snow loss over the past week

However there are signs that there will be some snowfall this week, initially in western areas on Sunday, this transferring to central parts later on Monday, this is set to give a topup on some slopes by mid next week.

It is then set to turn a bit milder by the end of the week, and with sunny conditions, suntan lotion is a must.


[b]Synoptic Summary[/b]

There is High Pressure covering much of Continental Europe on Saturday, with winds for the Alps coming from a mild SW direction.
[attachment=132335:16 Mar.JPG]

However by Sunday winds turn round to more of a North Westerly direction over the Alps introducing a cooler Polar Maritime airflow, and an associated cold front is set to give moderate to heavy snow over much of the Western and Central Alps. Monday sees winds back to a NE, but the front stays over the Alps and it remains cold enough for snow over medium slopes upwards.
[attachment=132334:16 Mar +48 Gen.JPG]

High Pressure centred over the UK is set to dry things out again for the Alps with decent sunshine and slowly warming things back up for the Alps, but not as mild as last week.
[attachment=132333:16 Mar +120 Gen.JPG]

By the end of the week the centre of the high moves Eastwards, still settled over the Alps, but turning a bit colder over Eastern Austria, as it taps in into much colder air further east no real signs though of this tracking that far west though.
[attachment=132332:16 Mar +168 Gen.JPG]

[b]Alps Detail [/b]

[b]Freezing Levels (noon)[/b]
[b]S[/b][b]at 17 Mar - [/b]2000m-2400m generally, 2600m-3000m Central and Eastern Austria
[b]Sun 18 Mar - [/b]1200m-1500m far North West, 1800m-2200m generally, 2200m-2500m Central and Eastern Austria
[b]Mon 19 Mar[/b][b]- [/b]1000-1400m French Alps, W Germany, much of Switzerland, 1800-2200m SE Switzerland, E Italy, much of Austria
[b]Tue 20 Mar -[/b] 1000-1400m W French Alps, far W Germany, NW of Switzerland, 1600-2200m elsewhere
[b]Wed 21 Mar - [/b]2100m-2500m generally
[b]Thu 22 Mar - [/b]2300m-2600m generally, 2000m-2200m E Austria
[b]Fri 23 Mar - [/b]2000m-2400m South, 2600m N Switzerland and Germany, 1200m-1600m E Austria

[b]850 Hpa Temps (noon)[/b]
[b]Sat 17 Mar - [/b]+2 to +5c South, +4 to +7c North.
[b]Sun 18 Mar - [/b]-1 to 0c far North West, +1 to +4c generally, +5 to +7c Austria
[b]Mon 19 Mar - [/b]-2c to -4c French Alps, W Germany, much of Switzerland, -2c to +2c SE Switzerland, +2 to +5c E Italy, much of Austria
[b]Tue [/b][b]20 Mar [/b][b]-[/b] -1 to 0c Far North West, +1 to +5c elsewhere
[b]Wed [/b][b]21 Mar [/b][b] - [/b]+4 to +8c generally, +3c Eastern Austria
[b]Thu 22 Mar - [/b] +4c to +6c generally, +7c to +9c Austria/Switzerland border, +1c to +4c Eastern Austria
[b]Fri 23 Mar -[/b] +4c to +7c generally west, +8c to +9c Austria/Switzerland border, -2c to -4c Eastern Austria

[b]Freezing Levels (6am)[/b]

This week there are many days, where the Freezing Level remains very high in the general Alps area, but drops much lower over the mountain tops quite often to ground level.

[b]Sat 17 Mar - [/b]Over 2000m generally, 1400-1800m over mountains
[b]Sun 18 Mar [/b][b]- [/b]NW 1000-1400m, 1600m-1800m over mountains, 2000-200m elsewhere
[b]Mon 19 Mar[/b] [b]- [/b]800-1000m French Alps, W Germany, much of Switzerland, 1200-2600m SE Switzerland, E Italy, much of Austria, 1800-2000m E Austria
[b]Tue [/b][b]20 Mar[/b][b] -[/b] 300m-8000m West, 1200m-1600m elsewhere
[b]Wed [/b][b]21 Mar[/b][b] - [/b]2000-2200m generally, 1400-1800m over mountains
[b]Thu 22 Mar - [/b]2000-2200m generally, 1400-1800m over mountains, locally 500-1000m In Switzerland and France
[b]Fri 23 Mar - [/b]2000m-2400m South (1000-1400m over mountains) , 2000-2600m N Switzerland and Germany, 1000m-1400m E Austria

[b]Alps Daily Summaries[/b]

[b]Sat 17 Mar[/b]- Mostly dry with some warm sunshine, however more cloud towards southern Switzerland with some precipitation,[SL 1700m] for the afternoon, dying out by mid evening. [attachment=132331:16 Mar +24.JPG]

[b]Sun 18 Mar - [/b]Mostly dry and sunny for Austria. A cold front is set to push in during the early morning brining cloud and some rain to western areas. This will rapidly turn to snow over around 1000m as it moves east. By late afternoon, it should spread over Western parts of Italy Germany, Switzerland [SL 1400-1600m] and with the heaviest precipitation over the French Alps [SL 1000-1200m], with some moderate accumulations possible (10-15cm) , [attachment=132330:16 Mar +48.JPG]

[b]Mon [/b][b]19 Mar[/b][b] - [/b]By midnight Sunday, the heaviest of the Precipitation should transfer to Switzerland,and Western Germany, but there should be precipitation for much of the Western half of the Alps, and some precipitation fringing Austria The precipitation is set to continue right throughout Monday, only slowly fading away into the evening. Snow amounts 5-10cm generally, but perhaps as much as 50cm in parts of South Switzerland, Snow Levels should be around 800-1000m for western parts, to around 1400m for Switzerland, this dropping during the precipitation, further east over Austria closer to 1800m.

[attachment=132329:16 Mar +72.JPG]

[b]Tue 20[/b][b] Mar[/b][b] -[/b] A few heavy showers possible during the day, but these slowly dying out with more in the way of sunshine and sunny spells during the afternoon . [attachment=132328:16 Mar +96.JPG]

[b]Wed 21 Mar - [/b] Mostly dry with bright spells, however Low pressure is set to push up from the South west introducing moderate to heavy precipitation for parts of France and Western Italy for late Tuesday Night and into Early Wednesday, moderate snowfall above around 1600m [attachment=132327:16 Mar +120.JPG]

[b]Thu 22 Mar[/b] - Mostly dry with bright spells, with a thaw starting again as temps rise, more especially on lower slopes to the west. [attachment=132326:16 Mar +144.JPG]

[b]Fri 23 Mar[/b] - Mostly dry with bright spells, with a thaw in western areas, although a few showers cannot be ruled out. [attachment=132325:16 Mar +168.JPG]


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