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Day 2 & 3 - Nebraska & Travel Day



Day 2 was a funny old day. Everyone has a lot of negativity towards Nebraska due to previous busts there and the afternoon took a similar route.

A messy group of cells died out as we approached from our night stop in Grand Island, NE. The decision was made to head for a developing cell in Colorado before a swift U-turn to seek some evening lightning shots in Nebraska as cells began to redevelop. Some scenic shots later and we headed for an evening stay in North Platte, NE to reposition for the Kansas threat the next day. The quick development of a cell behind us provided our evening drive entertainment.

Nebraska was half forgiven for the earlier bust, stopping to take in a stunning view of sunset with mammatus clouds and a couple of cells that sprung in to life with plenty of inter-cloud lightning. We stopped on a hill to try and capture a CG or two but it was all inter-cloud stuff.



I caught this shot but didn't notice the CG until looking back at the previous nights photography efforts. It's nothing spectacular but my first CG shot nevertheless so I will take it!!!


Some scenic shots later and we headed for an evening stay in North Platte, NE to reposition for the Kansas threat the next day with this cell providing our entertainment.

A late tea at Appleby's before taking in the storm as it caught up and passed over us.

A stunning shot taken by Ian...gutted that I was in a room on the other side of the hotel!


Another shot from Paul. Our hotel was just to the left of the gas station!!



Day 3 and we woke to bad news that SPC had removed the slight risk area over Kansas which had been our aim for the past few days. The day quickly became a travel day, repositioning for the moderate risk in South Dakota the next day (today). The drive into South Dakota provided beautiful scenery and epic rock power ballads - a welcome change from the dull Nebraskan sandy hills. It was clear when we had entered the state of South Dakota with a casino at every gas station!

We stayed in Pierre last night next to the MIssouri River and the Pierre Railroad Bridge.


There is the excitement in the air over today's chase. SPC have issued a moderate risk and a tornado probability of 15% (since downgraded to 10%). Apparently, the tradition is that you can't eat steak until you have seen a tornado - fingers crossed for steak tonight!



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