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Final Look At Autumn 2012 And A Better Outlook To Winter Part 4



[url="http://forum.netweather.tv/blog/227/entry-4480-first-look-at-autumn-2012-and-the-winter-ahead-part-3/"][b]View part 3 here[/b][/url]

It's been 4 weeks since the last update and we have seen an interesting end to October a lot colder than expected.


November: Below average for Scotland and Ireland but average for England and Wales.

December: Across Northern Scotland slightly above average and for the South West of England slightly below. Elsewhere looks average.

January: Much drier for all of the UK.

February: For Scotland below average, Ireland and Wales average and very wet for England.

March: All parts of the UK either below or average apart from all of England staying very wet.


November: About 1c to 2c colder than normal for both England and Scotland. Average for Ireland and Wales.

December: Average temperatures for all of the UK but maybe slightly mild at times in the North.

January: Similar to November close to average temperatures but at times dropping about 1c below average for anywhere.

February: Very cold for all of the UK down 2c below average for most places.

March: Another month looking cold for all of the UK about 1c cooler.

[b]Air Pressure Anomaly,[/b]

November: High pressure over Greenland and Iceland looks like a blocked weather pattern for this month.

December: High pressure sits out in the Atlantic still but this time it is not a blocked pattern so at the moment a fairly average month.

January: High pressure sits to the North of the UK so the blocked pattern looks to return.

February: Low pressure sits over all of Europe but very high pressure sticks around Greenland and Iceland again.

March: Low pressure to the South West of the UK while high pressure stays to the North.

This is based on the current long range forecast by the CFS weather model. Another update will be done at the end of November.


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