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Alps Weather Blog 8th February 2013





There has a been a stunning week over the Alps, with heavy snowfall widely and over half a metre in places giving fantastic powder conditions. This week is a little bit more mixed in terms of temperatures and snowfall, but there does seem to be quite a lot of sunny weather on the cards to enjoy the fresh snowfall, with some very cold overnight temps.

[b]Synoptic Charts[/b]

[attachment=159872:Feb 8 Actual.JPG]

[size=3][font=arial]As has been the case so often this winter, especially since the turn of the year, there seems to a battleground in the weather this week. [/font][/size]

[attachment=159869:9 Feb.JPG]

[size=3][font=arial]To set the scene, as seemingly usual there is low pressure over North America, the North Atlantic and a different area of low pressure covering much of Europe, feeding in cold NE winds over the Alps. The Azores High is ridging up from the South West over the UK, and there is also High Pressure over Scandinavia.

The battleground is to decide which weather pattern will win the Atlantic, or the cold weather to the North East. Over the weekend low pressure will push eastwards over the UK, this is set to slide to an extent under the High pressure to the east, with the potential for some snow over parts of the UK. [/font][/size]

[attachment=159867:10 Feb.JPG]

By Monday the low pressure is forecast to move away to the South East leaving the UK and a flow of Easterly winds, and depending on the weather model giving cool or cold upper air, but it does mean cold weather for the UK. Low Pressure also over much of Europe and the Alps, with decent snowfalls expected over parts of Italy.

[attachment=159866:11 Feb.JPG]

[size=3][font=arial]By Tuesday we are back to a similar pattern to the start of the weekend, with Low pressure to the NW of the UK and to the South East, with High Pressure to the SW (Azores) and to the NE (Scandinavia)

[attachment=159865:12 Feb.JPG]

Perhaps signs that the Atlantic may win out by the weekend, but no real sign of mild over the UK or over much of Europe, with 850HPa temps generally in the range 0c to -5c.

[attachment=159861:13 Feb.JPG]
[attachment=159855:14 Feb.JPG]
[attachment=159868:15 Feb.JPG][/font][/size]

[b]Alps Summary[/b]

[b]Sat 9 February[/b]
Patchy precipitation, mostly snow for the north of the Alps to start, but this tending to die out during the afternoon and into the evening.
Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 200m, French Alps 200-300m, Switzerland 200-500m,Italian Alps 600-700m, Austria 200m-400m
[attachment=159864:9 Feb Alps.JPG]

[b]Sun 10 February[/b]
Mostly dry over the western half of the Alps, with some patchy precipitation over Austria during the morning with this fading way later. A frontal system will move east later, and some precipitation fringing the west of the Alps during the evening.
Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 0-100m, French Alps 500-1000m, Switzerland 100m (NE) -900m (SW) ,Italian Alps 400-500m, Austria 100m-400m
[attachment=159863:10 Feb Alps.JPG]

[b]Mon 11 February[/b]
Much of the Alps will be dry on Monday, currently forecast to be Germany, the French Alps, and all of Austria and Switzerland apart from the southernmost fringes, however some heavy precipitation for Italy, the heaviest of any precipitation away from northern border areas.
Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 100-1100m, French Alps 700-1000m, Switzerland 500m (NE) -1200m (S) ,Italian Alps 100-500m, Austria 200m (NW) -1200 (SW).
[attachment=159852:11 Feb Alps.JPG]

[b]Tue 12 February[/b]
Precipitation edging further North and East overnight and into Wednesday, into SE Switzerland, Northern Italy, Slovenia and southernmost Austria, This breaking up somewhat into the afternoon, but indications of showery outbreaks over much of the Alps into the late afternoon.
Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 200-600m, French Alps 600m (W)-1400m (E), Switzerland 400m (NE) -1400m (S) ,Italian Alps 600-1200m, Austria 200m (NW) -1400m (SW).
[attachment=159851:Feb 12 Alps.JPG]

[b]Wed 13 Febru[/b][b]ary[/b]
Showery outbreaks forecast to continue overnight and into Wednesday, these tending to be concentrated in Austria by the mid afternoon, largely dry elsewhere.
Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 400-600m, French Alps 200m (W)-1400m (E), Switzerland 600m (NE) -1400m (S) ,Italian Alps 1200-1400m, Austria 400m (NW) -1200m (SW).
[attachment=159862:Feb 13 Alps.JPG]

[b]Thurs 14 February to Friday 15 February[/b]
Any overnight showers tending to die out during the morning, leading to a dry afternoon in Eastern parts, further west patchy precipitation tending to develop for the afternoon and evening.
Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 400-1000m, French Alps 400m (W)-1600m (E), Switzerland 600m (NE) -1600m (S) ,Italian Alps 1200-1400m, Austria 600m (NW) -1600m (SW).
Friday looks like bring another day of sunshine and showers over the Alps.

[attachment=159859:Feb 14 Alps.JPG]
[attachment=159850:15 Feb Alps.JPG]


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