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HurrahWe finally managed to get to London without much incident. We travelled down on Thursday afternoon and I came back today. We had a good time visiting the Borough Market, a pirate ship (forget the name) Hamleys etc and the weather was glorious :blink: It was very tiring though, not helped by hubbie sneaking off to South Africa on Sunday and leaving me to get home on my own :D Bless him, it's not his fault, it's work. 11 hours non-stop overnight and flying back on Wednesday night. But at least it's business class :o I personally hate flying and hate hubbie flying, so I will be glad when he is back safe and sound :D

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I'm glad London went well Katie... now make sure you rest and try not to fret about your hubbie. (As Net Weather Auntie, it is my duty to nag you... :) )

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