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Tempelfjorden Glacier

Mark Bayley


So I have finally been able to go out in the field. My first trip was to Tempelfjorden tidewater glacier. This glacier has the highest surge rate in the Svalbard region. Sadly we could not get close, for obvious reasons; calving. When arriving I was lucky enough to witness a carving event, although not of great magnitude. I have attached a few images of the calving front, which was several hundred meters. Not the englacial feature in the zoomed picture.
We later docked on the adjacent beach. The aim was to reach a local mountain glacier. This involved crossing very rough pro-glacial deposits (and moraines). One particular feature stood out (2nd picture). Uncertainties exist as to the cause of such feature, although note the roughness of the surrounding terrain in comparison to the rounded rock. It is thought this is a feature of moulon and subglaical channel. Although of course the glacier must have been in position for considerable time to cause such rounding. I also attach a picture of ground water. Was amazing how clear the spring water was.
[attachment=257843:Glacial sediments.jpg][attachment=257849:P8070016.JPG][attachment=257845:Groundwater.jpg]

Sadly when reaching the glacier terminus we where halted by a powerful pro-glacial river. Ice melt has been high in recent weeks, making a crossing dangerous.
[attachment=257852:Pro-glacial river.jpg]
Although disappointing, see a calving glacier more than made up for it. I shall be on the ice Monday. I hope to update then!

Oh, and here is a mini iceberg

As a side note, I have some video of the calving front, maybe i could try an upload?


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