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Got home today to be greeted by 85 packing boxes and packing materials :D I think the removals company have slightly over estimated the contents of our house but I suppose it's better to have too many boxes than too little. At least we can now start to sort stuff out and get organised. I spent this afternoon showing my boss how to run and write reports. I think she finally appreciates how much work I do :D It will really hit home when she wants to change any reports and she finds out just how hard it is :blink: I can now see the end in sight (work wise that is) and feel I can finally concentrate on the new house and MiniLoo :D We have lots to do straight away to the new house, new bathroom, carpets etc but it will be nice to put our own stamp on the house from day one, rather than spending almost 5 years in our current house before we get it anywhere near how we like it :o Anyway, off to try to book a table at a local restaurant for Saturday, not my first choice of the Star Inn at Harome but almost as good :D


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HuzzaH! Sounds like it's all coming together for you at long last Katie: the end is in sight! Yippeeeeeee......

Bet you can't wait to finish work and get moving, eh? :D

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Not helped by finding out today that our buyers want to move on 26th or 27th October :blink:

I don't finish work until 4th November, so that would make me homeless with a bump and three year old........"Big Issue anyone" :(

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