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July 2005 Weather Summary

Thundery wintry showers


July 2005 began with me taking a fortnight's holiday in France. The first three days were sunny and quite hot with a 32C on the 3rd, the day when I went to see the French Grand Prix (and subsequently suffered heat-stroke)

The weather turned rather cloudy during the following few days. I remember one day with a little sunshine and a few convective showers, but most of the time it was dull.

In the second week- which I spent near Strasbourg- the weather was hot and sunny with occasional thundery showers, particularly during the first half of the week. Temperatures reached highs of 27-30C, which I would find uncomfortably hot in this country, but over there the air was much cleaner and fresher and the humidity lower, and in any case the showers and thunderstorms were spectacular.

Meanwhile, Britain (well at least most of Britain) was very sunny and dry, and hot too with 27-30C reported also, even in the north.

The second half was spent in Tyne & Wear- and it was excessively dull, with cool days and warm nights.

On my rating system, the month averaged 55%, but the final third averaged only 25%, offsetting a high-scoring first half. The last July to average a sixties score was back in 1999!


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