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Well what a day! Little Smellie had been really not herself todayand had been comfort feeding and bawling her eyes out, and straining so after 8 hours of weird behaviour we decided that enough was enough and to go to A&E (the GP had said to do just that if she changed her behaviour at all...).....

Got seen straight away as a priority case and saw a lovely consultant who checked her all over, looked at the hernia, and has decided that as long as it remains this size that it will not need an operation. He was very optimistic about it going away on it's own as she gets older (but they'll keep a check on her just in case). He really seemed to think that it will all sort itself!!! :unsure: :D:D

Turns out the grumpiness and odd behaviour is a complete coincidence and is another thing down to her being so small....seems she has an immature digestive tract, and so is more prone to reflux, hence all the grizzling and pain!

So, all in all, everything so far has been down to the fact that she's a little girl who shoulda been born a bit later, and is now trying to play catch up, but nothing more serious than that.....so we have to give her lots of TLC, and spoil her like mad, and give her lots of cuddles, but the chances are she won't need any more medical intervention!

My goodness...the sense of relief....me and Mr Roo have been grinning like cheshire cats ever since! :):):(


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That's really good news :D

You have to remember also that babies go through little growth spurts at so many days, then so many weeks (I forget the exact details) With MiniRoo being a bit early then she could just be doing her own thing on the growth spurt bit and hence being a bit grumpy/grizzly :rolleyes:

But fantastic news and hopefully you will have a nice relaxing weekend :)

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Having a lovely relaxing weekend thank you both!

Still so relieved that it's not one of the nasty hernias....apparently her type is very rare in little girls: usually only boys get them! But we haven't seen it for 24 hours, so fingers crossed it's going away....

As for the pain crying and straining....wouldn't have normally worried, but it is one of the first signs of a problem with the hernia....as with all things baby...nothing is ever quite what it seems, and it's all sent to terrify the living whatsits out of mummies! :lol: :lol:

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