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Cheesed Off



I'm getting a bit cheesed off with being unwell at the mo.

I had to have a scan on my kidney on Monday, as well as a growth scan, as Mervin is a little large for the dates. Because of an emergency I never got to see the consultant and find out how the kidney is but Merv is fine (dispite having Mick Jagger lips :D )

Went to the Docs yesterday re an ear infection to be told he had been sent my blood results in error. They were checking my kidney function which seems ok but it now seems that my Liver is having problems :( They need to do another blood test to check if it was just a blip :D

I also got an appointment for a Glucose tollerance test next Monday. Apparently cos Merv is large they have to make sure I don't have lots of glucose in my blood and so he's getting bigger on it.

I just sick of going to the hospital and waiting around for scans/bloods etc :unsure:

The things us women go through to have babies - good job men don't have to do it :)


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Sorry to hear how much of a nightmare your pregnancy is hun. Hope all goes well with the glucose reading and the liver blood test results was just a blip.

Your right about the men though - we would have died out a million years ago if they were the childbearers!

*hugs* and thinking of you xx

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Katie (((((hugs))))))

not long to go now. The GTT is fine(so I've heard), you can use it as a good excuse to rest up a little :)

Thinking of you


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