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Christmas Performances/parties & Decorum

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Well the christmas performances are over and little man did really well. Some of the others froze and couldn't get their lines out and so others had to improvise, others walked off stage, but little man just got on with it and that was that.

On Monday we have got their christmas parties at school and so we have finished making the decorations for the hall for their discos in the afternoon. I will decorate the hall in the morning after their assembly. On Wednesday it is the christingle service at the Abbey, by then I think they will all be so hypo that goodness knows what will happen. At least the bypass has been opened (well ahead of schedule I might add) and so walking from the school to the Abbey will not be so traumatic, espcecially with the little ones. To be honest it is Year 6 that I I have concerns about more than Reception class or years 1 and 2. I thought they were supposed to be more aware of dangers, decorum and manners as they got older, well some of our Year 6 seem to be 10 times worse than even year 5! Hey ho, they will all be off to secondary school in September. Will our now year 5, which will become year 6, be as bad. I hope not! There are the famous 5 in year 5 that are the top of the class that you just cannot put together. It is a recipe for disaster, you just don't get the best out of any of them. Why is that? Anyway off to deliver approx 300 cards for the scouts and want to get it done before it gets dark.


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