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First Day Back.........sucks Boo To You



First day back at work yesterday........not fair why do WE have to work.

Anyway should have started at 2 instead got called in at 9 to ride a motorbike, froze in the wind watching for dodgy trucks and the like on the A1. Result one bloke driving his Transit pickup with a spiders web cracked windscreen, bald tyres etc.... another locked up for making up his own tax disc on an HGV ( that's about £1600 in tax not paid for) and about 40 others stopped and checked.

Then got told to be back for 2 but driving..........so had to take bike back, wash and fuel it. Go and get shirt, trousers etc. from home and then be back at work for 2. aaaaaaah. Can't keep everything at work as the lockers we get aren't big enough.

Ploughed through 213 e-mails of management speak, most of which I have no need to know or digest. This took nearly 2 hours. Finally found my vehicle.( well it's not acutally mine but it's the one I always use, so washed that, fuelled it checked all the equipment was there- which wasn't, no change there- checked all the levels,tyres etc) and went out on patrol.

The very first lad I spoke to, drivivng a shed of an Astra with 3 good wheels and 1 bent 1. Said the reason he was drivnig at 30 down the A1 with his hazards on and weaving all over was because he'd been hit by some bloke in a Beemer, bent his front wheel and if he went any faster he couldn't control it. He said he just HAD to drive it the 30 miles to his home as it was the only way he could get it home.

Turns out after a little checking and few salient questions he had no insurance as well.... Not the brightest individual I've ever met. So impounded his car from being driven anymore and just to make sure he was okay took him the 15 miles to his exit off the A1 so he could walk the last mile to his house...... He'll be at court later this year.

didn't finish till 10, my darlimg wife had to do the 'Swim' run with the gilrs to the pool, she really, really hates this- after along day at work she should be able to curl up on the sofa and "why shouldn't I do it instead."..........oh if only I didn't have to work.


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