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College Week 1 - Thrown in the deep end!



Hi Chaps

Well college on Tuesday. I was so nervous as I was the new kid!! Sat down and the tutor gave me a pack of forms to fill in and everything I had missed the past 2 weeks. They had their 1st practical week doing front of leg massages last week, and we were to build on this this week including the thigh & foot massage.

We then had a half hour session on Anatomy and Physiology - working on the bones of the body.We were given a hand out on this. Then we had a tea break in which I stayed in the class (Boffin lol) to look through my notes and familarise myself. We all came back then we watched a demonstration from the tutor on the leg massage following it in our booklets. Then we practiced. I was with a french girl who wanted to do me first. And then I did her and she talked me through it. Very sweet of her as I had forgotten already LOL. Then we got given our homework and and then went home.

Last night I read through my paper work and filled in my forms, then popped everything into a file. I posted my form and check for for my uniform yesterday - £35 :lol: Blimy!

I am going to do the homework I missed out on last week tonight and read through the massage routine again to see if I can remember and make notes on the routine! And tomorrow night i'm going to practice on Daniel!! Lets hope I dont forget. I also need to looking into buying a massage table soon but not too sure on the style i'm after yet.

Will report back later! Thanks for reading!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x


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I was with a french girl who wanted to do me first!

Wahey! :blush: :D

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Good luck girl, I'm sure you'll be fine. If not, let us all know and we'll net-massage you back to health!!

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