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College Week 2 - A little better!



Well after reading up, filing a ton of forms, and practicing my front of leg massage I felt quite well prepared for my second week.

I arrived about 5 minutes late due to the rush hour traffic. I walked into the class to see everyone was already paired up so someone must have been away so I sat by myself. I think she was just finishing talking about some business points so I missed that bit but i'm sure she will repeat it. Couldn't have been that long unless they started early! I have all the notes in a handbook we are using any ways so will read up on it. She then went ahead with carrying on with the Anatomy & Physiology. This week we looked at the skull and arm and leg bones. These were on an overhead projector thing that was actually a computer! Most bizarre thing it was. The hard drive seemed to be in a cupboard at the back of the room, the on off switch seemed to be on a box on the ceiling of all places, and the keyboard&mouse were wireless. All very clever! Last week I forgot to mention that she brought Greorge out of the cupboard. George is one of those life like tall on a stand skeleton things!! With George standing right next to me I had to behave! she might have kicked me with one of his life like legs LOL.

Right back to this week I had ordered my uniform on Wednesday didn't know the sizes to had to guess - good job I did send it the day after I needed the time! I selected a size 12 top and a size 16 trousers. They came through on Friday - Fabulous. Tried them on straight away and the top was slightly baggy round the chest (Must grow more boobs) but fine round my hits as it goes down to thigh level. So that'll do. The trousers were too small!! I tried them on but couldnt get the zip up. Bugger - posted them back the same day and recieved a size "18" on the Monday. Good they fit. Can't believe thats crazy! A size 12 top and "18" bottoms. They had elastic bits too but there was no way they were an 18 they were like tiny. I fit in a 14 trousers so they must have just been that. Especially as the top was only a 12 and I was going to order a 14 but changed at the last minute. So thats sorted and fits ok, except its like wearing a starch suit - Well hard!!

After the anatomy and physiology lesson she gave us a quick lesson on mediums. Goodness knows why they are called that but they are basically the things you use for massage. The choices are creams/lotions, carrier oils, and powders.

Powder is the traditional useage for Swedish Massage that some guy in Sweden used that gave this type of massage its name. I will personally be using carrier oils as it feels much better, although I will have to use all types of meduims on one of my case studies.

Then we stopped for coffee break. I came back to class and quickly did my homework I had forgot! I did half of it and handed it in. She wanted an idea of how we understood the types of massage. Such as effleurage, pettrisage etc etc. I will read up that before Tuesday for some extra homework for myself.

After coffee break we proceeded to do back of the leg massages. I joined the 2 girls behind me and we went in a 3. one of the girls was actually on another course with me when we did the 4 week taster aromatherapy massage course. 2 of us were short and the other girl was tall so she went on the bed first and me and the other short girl did her. We all took it in turns to do each other - was very bizarre having 2 legs massaged at once, especially when you were out of sinc with each other lol. The poor girl was in stitches at one point as doing her thighs was really ticklish. Think it may have been the other girl who was going higher than me. I only went half way up her thigh for modesty and decencies sake!!

After the massages our teacher gave us a quick demonstration of towel technique. This is how to keep someone modest from stripping off, to getting on the table, to turning over, to moving the towels to do tummy massages, to do buttocks, etc etc and then getting her off the table. Looks very complicating but i'm sure its do-able! We will be putting that into motion as of this coming week.

I am glad to actually diary my weeks here as its a lot and its good to read back. It also means im forced to remember and its good at getting it into my brain by putting it down again. So thanks for letting me share. Hope at least one of you guys finds it interesting! LOL. Until next time ... Adios!


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Just checking Beka, but are you by any chance a triangle?

Nope! LOLOL. But I am pearshaped. To show how rubbish their sizes are. The top which is smaller in size at a 12 is 38inches round that top. And that it quite a bit big.

And the bloody trouser I have just measure they are 36Inches round the waistband - How the hell is 36inches a size 18?!?!?! Or have I missed something ... :blink:

I guess I find it really hard knowing what sizes are now as I used to be a size 10 bottom and 8 top like 3 years ago! And I still instinctively look for those sizes in the shop. Silly really ...

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