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College Week 3 - Feeling much better



Well this week I arrived early and got a good seat. We handed in our homework which was an assessment of the skeleton. I think it was just to see what we knew and work out the areas we need to learn more about.

Then we launched straight into learning about muscles. This involved the whilte board computer screen thingy and some sports massage guy talking about what muscles and made up and what they do. We were then handed another assessment of the muscles to do for homework, some more information and some optional further information in booklets. Then there were a load of text books handed around to look at. One is quite expensive so will go on my christmas wishlist. Thankfully these are also optional but worth getting. One is £8 and had the individual muscles of the body in with pressure points shown in the muscle where to press if sore as a kind of first aid thing. Looks very good. Then we took a coffee break and I chatted to a few people. Quite nice its my 3rd week and i'm making friends fast. It's good to find things in common. We filled in some form thing after that registers us with VTCT and then we went into the massages. We had to use towel technique which is how to get someone o and off the table dignified! And how to turn them over. Some girls kept forgetting to move the bolsters from under the ankles to under the knees when turning people on to their fronts but thankfully this I did remember!! Going to have a massage regularly helps my knowledge as I can also put the theory into practice and know how it feels.

I now know how to do the massage moves but I haven't remembered the order yet! I felt comfortable practicing so I think i'm getting there.

At the end of the lesson she quickly went through a back massage with us to practice over half term (next week) Think i've forgetton it already!! I made notes as she showed us and drew stupid little diagrams to attempt to remind me! If I can recognise them. :rolleyes:

She set us some reading homework and revising for the test so lots to do. And continuing to practice the leg massages also.

I found a message board where other students are talking f rom other massage courses and supporting each other. Seems a good source of links aswell.

I brought my massage table on Friday £200 but its a good one with a floptop and it has wheels on it so easier to carry around. Also has adjustable backrest on it. I did my sister on it last night and it worked well so i'm very pleased! Have ordered some covers for it. So all in all going well!!! :rolleyes:


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